The author, Özgün Yılmazok, is deeply interested in paintings and art history in addition to his degrees in civil engineering and his professional engineering career. Yılmazok actively attended drawing workshops producing his own art pieces between 2007-2009. His knowledge in art history accumulated by conducting personal research, collecting sources and having comprehensive museum visits over a long period of time.

Since 2012, Yılmazok has been analysing famous art pieces from different periods based on their styles, symbols, characteristics and sharing his own texts in Turkish with art ethusiasts in Sanata Başla!. As of July 2017, Sanata Başla! contains 241 different painting analyses from 5 main periods in art history covering overall a 600 years period (1350-1950). Start Art! is the extension of Sanata Başla! in the English language. The existing analyses in Turkish are being translated into English by the author and shared in Start Art! progressively.

Yılmazok carried his art project further in 2015 and started conducting workshops on analysing paintings in Ankara, Turkey. He conducted three different workshop series, namely “Renaissance”, “Baroque-Rococo” and “18th-19th Century Art Movements”, several times and got together with art history enthusiasts in his classes face-to-face. The workshops combined the painting analyses of Sanata Başla! with systematically arranged technical and historical aspects of each period and presented a comprehensive content in art history.

Yılmazok moved to Gothenburg, Sweden at the beginning of 2017 and he continues his works in new projects on art history and painting analysis there.

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