The Painting Analysis Workshop idea was formed as a project to gather the followers of Sanata Başla!/Start Art! blog page and other art enthusiasts under a series of meetings where interactive art discussion sessions will be held. It was aimed to have live discussions of  the painting analyses accumulated in the blog within the past years and more with a group of people. I never considered to name the project as a “seminar”, “conference” or “series of talks”, since that would mean I will do all the talking and the attendees will listen. Instead I named it as “Workshops” where people will freely be able to ask questions, share what they know, comment, discuss and learn together within the same platform while I am explaining the paintings and concepts.

The method followed in the Workshops was that I chose the topics and lectured on them based on a chronological order, while the attendees asked questions, and joined the lectures with their comments. The workshop attendees had the chance to get together and learn about the important periods of art history, subjects, artists and paintings, and discuss on them in an open platform. The Workshop Series turned from a series of lectures and talk into a weekly cultural activity for the attendees.

The Workshops targeted – just like the blog/web site – audience which does not have any background information in art and it was formed in a way that they will learn and enjoy without having a need of prior preparation. I have always received positive feedback from the attendees on how they became more aware of what they see in museums and churches and how their interest to do their own researches on art grew further. Therefore, I believe I was successful in helping people who were interested in art to become more interested and better equipped.

The first part of the Workshop Series concentrated on the Renaissance period, analysing paintings from two different main concepts. The Religious Part of the Workshop included analyses of paintings based on Christianity, while the Mythological Part focused on stories from Greek and Roman Mythology. Moreover, the main characteristics of the period, the historical development, technical properties and details on how to differentiate painting styles from each other were also discussed within the content of the Workshop.

The second Workshop, on Baroque-Rococo, was formed after the interest I received from the audience to continue following art periods after Renaissance. The Baroque-Rococo Workshop similarly concentrated on the main characteristics, historical background and technique of the period. It is also targeted the audience to become competent in distinguishing Renaissance and Baroque paintings from each other and making comparative analyses.

As a continuation of the Baroque-Rococo Workshop, the third Workshop was designed: the 18-19th Century Art Movements. This Workshop’s objective was to guide the audience through 150 years of art history from Neo-Classicism to Art Nouveau and teaching them different art movements occurred within. Every art movement’s historical background, technical properties, artists, styles and paintings were analysed within this Workshop.

The Workshops were held in two different places in Ankara, Turkey as shown below, and the total number of regular attendees were more than 250 people:

Platform A Art Gallery:
Renaissance Workshop (June – August 2015)
Renaissance Workshop (October – December 2015)
Baroque & Rococo Workshop (December 2015 – February 2016)
Renaissance Workshop (February – April 2016)
Renaissance Workshop (April – June 2016)
Baroque & Rococo Workshop (April – June 2016)
18-19th Century Art Movements Workshop (September – October 2016)
Baroque & Rococo Workshop (October – December 2016)

ASKAT – Ankara Archaeology Art Culture and Research Society:
Renaissance & Baroque Workshop (October – December 2016)
18-19th Century Art Movements Workshop (December 2016 – January 2017)

Below is a selection of the posters and photographs from these workshops.

I had to end doing workshops in Ankara due to my moving to Gothenburg, Sweden in the beginning of 2017. I occasionally receive the question on whether there will be new workshops. I am currently hoping to do some workshops in Ankara in the summer of 2018. Additionally I am considering to do workshops in Gothenburg in near future and also planning to have the workshops as online live sessions. I will be informing the followers of Sanata Başla!/Start Art! about these new developments pretty soon.

Hoping to meet you in a new workshop,

Özgün Yılmazok


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